Amber Rose Has Never Had A “Great” Valentine’s Day, Says New Line Of Sex Toys And 21 Savage Will Change That

Amber Rose Has Never Had A “Great” Valentine’s Day, Says New Line Of Sex Toys And 21 Savage Will Change That


Amber Rose has, for some time, been the unofficial poster child for sexual liberation and women’s empowerment. So when the star shared on her former late night talk show The Amber Rose Show that she’d never used a sex toy before, opting instead to masturbate on her own pretty much daily, many were surprised. But Rose has since taken a dip, or better yet, make that a dive, into sex toys.

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In fact, she’s become such a fan now that she’s partnered with Swedish intimate lifestyle company LELO for her own line of goodies. We chatted with the unabashed star about how she finally embraced sex toys, how her recovery from breast reduction surgery has put a damper on sex for now, why men shouldn’t be afraid of prostate toys, and why this year’s Valentine’s Day with her new man, 21 Savage, will be her best yet. 

MadameNoire: Back when you had your talk show, you were quoted as saying that you’d never used a sex toy before. What changed your mind about them enough to the point that now you’re collaborating with a sex toy company like LELO?

Amber Rose: I’ve always been a fan of my hands. And then I just randomly tried it one day because I was gifted some LELO products. I was like, “Wow! This is really what I’ve been missing my whole life?” So then I just thought they were amazing. Just the way they’re made and they’re so beautiful. They’re made really well and I was really happy with them. So we reached out and decided to do a really cool line with LELO. So basically, once I found out how amazing they were, I was like, “Sh-t, I’ve got to let my fans know! This is really, really dope.”


Do you have a favorite, go-to toy from your line?

All of them! I love them all equally [laughs].

I’ve heard you joke about demanding sex from your boyfriend every day, and Nicki Minaj has also said in the past that she’s demanded orgasms from a partner. Why is it important for more women to be open about their sexual desires and needs in a relationship and knowing what works for them?

I would never demand sex as in you have to give it to me right now even though you don’t want to, because I’m an advocate against that. But, for me, I don’t necessarily think I need an orgasm every time either because I like the passion and the heat of the moment to be spontaneous. Sometimes if it’s a quickie and I can’t necessarily get a full-on orgasm, I’m still very satisfied as well. So it doesn’t have to be like that every single time, personally. But when it comes to the sex toys, for me, it’s more so about getting to know your own body and exploring your body and finding out what works for you by yourself. And we have couple’s ones as well. We have the Tiana, which is a couple’s one, which is really, really cool and interesting. I have yet to try that one because you know, I’ve been in recovery so I haven’t got laid in about a month. I had breast reduction surgery, so I can’t really do anything. Yeah, so that sucks.

How long is your recovery?

It will be a month tomorrow, so four to six weeks. So I can’t move much. I can’t shake my boobs up and all that. But I’m excited to try the couple’s toy still!

How would you recommend a woman encouraging her man to let her try using toys on him? Like the Loki Wave for example, which is for the prostate. There are some men who aren’t open to the idea of all that because of what they think it says about them. What advice would you offer?

It would definitely be a conversation. You would have to be very comfortable with your partner. And also, I think the misconception with guys is, they think anything up their a– makes them gay. It’s so foolish and so stupid because anything you do in a heterosexual relationship is not gay. It’s a girl doing it with you! I honestly feel like a lot of guys are probably missing out on crazy pleasure because they do have a prostate and we don’t! They’re too busy thinking everything is gay and being hypermasculine and they’re missing out on a lot of great pleasure. But I feel like, just have a conversation and if they’re uncomfortable with it, don’t force them. Gift it to one of your guy friends or gay friends who like anal and prostate stimulation.

What’s the perfect way for you to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your man 21 Savage? The assumption is that stars like to do grandiose things. But you never know, some people like to keep it low-key.

I have a few surprises for him for him. He actually flies in in the morning because he lives in Atlanta and I live in L.A. So yeah, it’s good. We have a long-distance relationship but it gives us time to really miss each other. And when we see each other it’s like fireworks every time. So I have a few surprises for him. And we already talked about how we both never really had great Valentine’s Days with anybody. And so we were like, this year we’re really going to go all out for each other! So I’m really excited.



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